Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Backyard Vignette

In between the bouts of rotten weather I have been trying to spruce up the backyard. The more I do, the more I find that still needs to be done! Our yard is small so I've tried to creates niches to use every ounce of space.  We entertain often so I want kids and grownups alike to relax and enjoy. I've been painting like crazy to add that pop of color and refresh the old.....

Here is a before of our seating spot by the firepit....pretty bland and boring

and the after so far...

the picture is terrible because I forgot to take it this morning and ran out in the worst light possible. The art on the wall I posted about here.

Do you recognize the fern pillows??? They are from here and the green ones in the back are placemats too! I swear I truly never will look at placemats the same way ever again!!!!

And the pots and plant stands I've had forever - I think I got them from a garage sale or thirift store. They looked terrible...oh and avert your eyes from the deck in need of staining and the ugly paint on the railing (like I said lots to do!)

this one is actually meant to hold a feed bag for a horse - I've always liked it as a plant stand. you can see it to the right of the after picture.

A few cans of my favorite Rust-oleum in aqua and keylime and black satin and ta-da color!
Look how big the puppy is getting and he appreicates the new motif - see how relaxed he is!

Here is the before and after again

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