Friday, July 8, 2011

Fourth of July Decor

O.K. So I am a day late (well several days late and a dollar short) I'm on vacation and was having some issues trying to post using my iPad. I'm borrowing my brother's computer for now. 

I've never really decorated much for the 4th, but this year my daughter really wanted to so I tried to come up with some inexpensive and quick projects for us.  I love to create things that we can use over and over each year.

First up...a couple of table cloths. Both are made using drop cloths from Lowe's.  Very helpful assistant.

I used fabric paint on this one.

I was running short on time so decided to just spray paint this one...and I taped the star design instead of drawing with a much faster!
Now on to the reaming decor...

Dollar Store ribbon that we glued glitter stars to.

Brown metal stars that I had on hand but never used....quick spray paint job

My easy take on red white and blue with stuff I l already had and an inexpensive bunch of carnations.

More Dollar Store ribbon and a couple bags of red hots

White chocolate candy lollipops...

..and finally a lovely dessert from my friend (shout out Karen)