Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween Decor

October is finally here! I love this time of year and am so happy Autumn is in the air.  We kicked off the weekend by decorating for Halloween. I never used to be so ahead of the game,  but my daughter loves to decorate for Halloween, in fact, if I agreed she would start in August.

Our first of many projects this year was super easy! Spider web luminaries, made from what else....placemats!

My trusty assistant prepared the placemats (she removed the price tags)

We simply hot glued them to these glass cylinders from a summer project

...and instant creepy Halloween luminaries. Trust me they are much creepier at night with the candles lit...I just forgot to take a picture.

The lil guys in the front are from last year. I bought web ribbon at the Dollar Store, hot glued it and the googly eyes.

a few of our other projects from years past....

I couldn't find a runner that I likes so bought some great fabric,ribbon and trim from JoAnn's. Luckily black is very can't see how awful my sewing is. (oh and it is long enough I just pulled it up to show the detail)

Lots more to come, we've been very busy.  What have you been up to?

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