Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm All Aglow

Not sure if you are noticing a trend with the whole 'light thing'....It's totally by accident.  Today I have been painting like crazy. I am working on about 10 projects at the same time. I also managed to clean out this side area of our yard. I didn't mean to. I was looking for something that I wanted to paint and of course it was buried under a ton of stuff on the potting table so I decided it was time to clean that whole area out. Bonus for me, because I came across several things I forgot that I had, such as wrought iron plant stands. Look for the redo on those in an upcoming post.

I've had these candle holders forever and just didn't have a place in the house for them anymore. During a recent visit my gf and I played a game of use it or lose it and these were in the pile for me to use...if only I could find a place for them in the next 3 months...well that was only about 2 months ago so I'm way ahead of schedule.  I'm thinking that the extra month will be like rollover minutes and I can apply it to another project!

They aren't bad...just dark and I'm not into dark right now. So a little Rust-oleum primer and some Rust-oleum gloss white and they were well on there way to a new life. I wanted to use them outside, but as it can be a bit breezy where we are I needed to find a way to make a hurricane shade for them.

I took a trip to my local Dollar Tree and found clear glass candle holders and these really pretty glass rocks.  I glued the glass onto the bases.  I already had the paint so total cost was about $5 for the glass holders and the rocks!

I can't wait to see how they will look at night with the candles lit!

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