Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Shed Some Light On It

I'm all about my outdoor space at the moment. I have tons of indoor projects, but just can't seem to focus on any of them. All I can think about is beautifying our yard.

Today was rainy...hello? it's May in California...we don't usually get rain in May. Because of the rain I was forced to start a few of my indoor projects. More to come on those shortly.

I've been looking for lighting solutions for the cabana for a while. A few weeks ago while hitting a local thrift store, I came across this lantern. It was meant for a candle, but I knew I could figure out a way to actually light it. Not only is the scale perfect, I fell in love with the color - weathered and warm.

I took a hole saw bit saw and drilled a hole through the top and then filled it with a strand of white twinkle lights.   The twinkle lights were our previous light source. I love the soft glow they cast.

an added cobwebs in the lights!

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  1. The twinkle light / lantern is a great idea!