Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It Was the Best of Times....

It was the worst of times....you know that famous Dickens quote? I think this sums up the new addition of a puppy pretty well.  We recently lost our family dog unexpectedly and it was time to get some puppy lovin in the house!

You know how you forget all the sleepless nights you experienced when you brought your newborn home? Well I think getting a puppy is very similar. I could only remember all the fun things about our previous dog and his puppy years.  Getting up four or five times a night??? No our Sydney slept through the night right away.  Accidents in the house???? No Sydney was potty trained the first day and never had an accident especially at Grandma's house.  Sharp little teeth that can destroy a shoe in under ten seconds??? No Sydney just chewed his toys.  Wanting to be with you all the time - so much so that you can't even take a shower without the high pitched whine...???? Oh no I could take a shower anytime. In fact whenever I left the room he would just climb into his bed and sleep until I returned.

Funny how none of this is familiar when you are staring at that sweet little face....

We brought Finley home on Saturday. (This of course explains why I haven't posted any of my projects in a couple days)

I haven't had more than 2 hours of sleep at a time. I have band-aids on my fingers from those sharp little teeth (I'm smart enough this time to keep all shoes away from him). I haven't taken a shower since Sunday night - before my hubby left on a business trip (I know - I know, I'm taking one after this). I have a huge bruise on my shin from running into the baby gate on the way out for a "middle-of-the-night" potty break.

But you know, I wouldn't change a thing. As my daughter says our family is a family of four again and our hearts are all full with love.

Look at those paws!  He is going to be huge!