Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Falling for Fall

Fall haas finally arrived in NorCal....oh we've had cool weather here and there and bits of rain. The reason I know the season is finally upon us is the UGG factor. I measure the season by how long I can wear my UGG boots (well in reality Costco's Kirkland Shearling Boots) without my feet getting too hot. The last couple of days I've been able to wear them for most of the day only taking them off in the afternoon to cool my feet when the sun was warm. When winter is here I will be able to wear them all day - the UGG factor.

This is my favorite time of year! I want to have a fire every night and cook tummy warming foods and bake all day. Of course that's not quite my reality....

So I've had the house decorated since the day after Halloween, but I've been so busy on a few other projects I haven't had time to share.

Let's start with a bit of outdoor decor.  (I see this on my way out and back in every day). You can find the info on the buffet here.

A hint at my upcoming post on the front porch.

And now a few inside shots.

I scored this wood tray at the Alameda Flea Market a couple months ago for $10!  I knew it would be perfect on the dining table with all the colorful squash.

Still using my summer candle sticks, but somehow they work with the white pumpkins.
(This is a weird shelf we have on the way upstairs and if I don't have it decorated, it just gets piled with junk...confession - it sill gets piled, in fact I threw all the stuff on the floor so I could take the picture...just keeping it real)

In the kitchen.. I added photographs this year and am loving the effect. I took a bunch of pictures at a couple different farms a couple weeks ago and picked my favorites to frame. (shout out to my friend Sara  for acquiring a jillion of these in all sizes and letting me pick some)

and the family room - see the photos in the back peeking out....

Found this milk glass vase at a consignment shop for $10.

$7 Ikea throw adds some warmth and glow.

Anyone noticing a trend with my decor...it's pretty much all natural. I still have a tub in the garage that I never opened with ceramic pumpkins and other odds and ends. I love the simplicity of the pumpkins and twigs.

If only I had a few more weeks to enjoy before it's time to decorate for Christmas....I better start earlier next year.

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